About me

Cristina Rico is a versatile Spanish guitarist.

Graduated in 1989 at the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Joaquín Rodrigo” of Valencia (Spain), in the modality of classical guitar.

Her musical restlessness inspired her to investigate Jazz Harmony and Brazilian Bossa-Nova.

As an interpreter, composer and arranger she has created a personal style which is a fusion of Fingerstyle technique, Jazz Harmony, Bossa Nova rhythm and Classical music

She has performed guitar concerts in several countries of Europe and the United States. Mainly as a solo performer, although also in duets, trios and in bands of different styles.

Her repertoire is extensive and varied, from Medieval music or Classical Spanish themes, to Bossa Nova, Jazz and her own compositions.

All interpreted with Fingerstyle technique.

As an admirer of art and its different expressions, in 2014 she graduated at the University of Fine Arts in Elche (Spain).